This Accounting Firm Embraces Technology To Modernize Taxes

Washington DC, Dec. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When we consider taxes and accounting, thoughts of buttoned-up CPAs wedded to their calculators are often quick to follow – but one rapidly growing firm is taking the lead to change this image. Embracing the latest technology, they modernize their work and reap tax savings for individuals and businesses.

This firm is Norris Accounting & Tax Services, based in the Washington DC metro area, but serving clients throughout the U.S. and overseas. Founded by President and CEO Deon Norris, the firm provides comprehensive tax services that maximize deductions and credits and cover every possible aspect of the tax preparation process, including how to obtain the best relief.

Deon and his firm represent a small but growing generation of younger tax professionals. He serves his clients around the clock, utilizing more than a decade of experience assisting the U.S. government, individuals, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations with a comprehensive range of financial planning support – including complex tax matters.

One of the main standout features of Norris Accounting & Tax Services is its willingness to adopt the newest innovations in technology to further improve its work for clients.

“There is a new way to prepare taxes, and a younger generation taking this on,” says Deon. “I want to offer a new face for the profession because ninety-nine percent of the work we do is virtually online or remote, and I know how to use the technology to benefit my clients.”

For example, some of the more repetitive processes involved with tax filing and other financial planning can be handled through automation software – something Norris brings to the table, producing time and cost savings.

Norris Accounting & Tax Services also offers a modern, secure online client portal backed by a significant investment in cybersecurity, including upgrading all of its computers to use the latest in biometrics. The firm’s use of cloud software vastly increases its adaptability and potential to expedite tax processes, not to mention equips Deon and his firm with the capability to work with people throughout the United States – and beyond.

A key issue that this firm excels with is tax strategies – helping clients identify ways to best implement savings, reduce costs, and retain more revenue and income.

Billionaires often draw criticism in the press for appearing to evade as much tax as others think they should be paying, but Deons’ firm shows clients how taking advantage of the same strategies can help them reduce their total tax burdens.

“The idea that billionaires don’t pay their fair share of taxes is a myth, what separates them is that they use Tax Avoidance to only pay what is legally required,” says Deon. “We provide the same information to our clients, using our expertise to show them how they too can use this practice to reduce their tax liability.”

In addition, Norris Accounting & Tax Services distinguishes itself by providing around-the-clock and highly personable service, which helps to create client loyalty and generate excellent word-of-mouth referrals.

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